Why Chrysalis?

We offer a different kind of class experience. You could say we do "old school" with a new twist.

1. We're Focused On Your Progress.

  • We keep our athlete-to-trainer ratio to no more than 4:1. That means you get the attention you need to improve your technique and get stronger.
  • We offer feedback both verbally and through demonstrations of optimal movement. We also use video playback of an athlete's form as a powerful means of visual feedback. You get ample guidance along the way.
  • We focus heavily on modifications (scaling up & down and employing substitutes). Each athlete has different strengths and weaknesses, levels of conditioning and goals. Each workout needs to fit your needs, even in a class setting. It doesn't mean we don't push when it makes sense...we just make sure it makes sense.

2. Safety First, Always.

  • We get to know you. We take the time to understand your training concerns and how it can best add to your quality of life. That means understanding your relevant medical and lifestyle history and working within the parameters established by medical and therapeutic prescription.
  • We want everyone, including you, to meet your personal goals inside and outside the gym. We make sure the daily workout is scaled to what you can handle on any given day. If you're under the weather, your workout will not be the same as when you feel like a million bucks. 
  • We ask how you are feeling and whether there are any concerns before workouts. We want to know about any pain before, during or after a workout. We never want you to grin and bear it. We can always modify. And, depending how you're doing after a workout, especially as we are just getting to know you, we might even send you a note to see how you're doing a few days afterwards.

3. We Care About Continuous Learning & Keep Raising The Bar.

  • Training modalities change over time. Better information based on the newest research is published every year and we strive to stay on top of new information in the study of human movement (kinesiology) and optimal training. 
    • At the time of this writing, Chrysalis is the only facility in the province where all the in-house coaches are CFL2 certified.
    • Chrysalis owners Luc & Hélène each have eight or more certifications. Check out their bios here.
    • All Chrysalis trainers are involved in formal continuing education and informal learning through journals, books  and various publications (see our newsletter for updates on our coaches' certifications, book summaries and more).
    • We also want you to stay curious about health and fitness. We make our very own hard copy and online reference materials available to you in our very own on-site library.