Here's Why Members Love Chrysalis.

I really value the coaches’ ability to identify and adjust workouts to avoid or significantly reduce the risk of injury. My running career ended because of my inability to pull back when I needed to.

Looking forward to another year or healthy living!
— Robert Plohman
I love Chrysalis because of the camaraderie and happiness that I experience, but mostly, this is time that I have chosen to do what I would like to do for ME entirely, selfish as it may be, this is the only activity in my life that enhances my body, mind and soul, all at the same time, with no guilt what so ever.
— Lise "Pieces" Villeneuve
Why do I love Chrysalis …
Let me count the weighs – I love lifting! Every movement is an art form within a dance. Lifting challenges me mentally and physically and moves me beyond my own self imposed limitations.
Modifications – Just because an athlete is new or has been at it for a while, emotional or physical changes in one’s day can heighten or challenge the WOD results. The question becomes: ‘Am I modifying my workout or do I choose to adjust my attitude?’
Instant gratification, and often more benefits the next day and sometimes the next day after that. Who knew we are made up of so many parts – I never did learn the whole song of the ankle bone is connected to the …
Friends. Friends who have seen me at my best and my worst. Friends who cheer me on to accomplish more than I could ever have imagined.
And Coaches. My husband once said to me if you find a job you love, you never have to work another day in your life. That’s the mantra of a Chrysalis coach. Passion. Empathy. Sincerity. Joy. Thanks for making me a better person. I ‘HEART’ Chrysalis!
— Karlene "KDog" Johnston

The thoughts below were sent to us by a member who allowed us to share it with you. Many thanks for this special gift.

Sincerely, Hélène & Luc