Our Coaches

Chrysalis has top coaching qualifications. We're focused on learning as a means of continuing to offer top notch training guidance over time. We take a hands-on approach to training and care deeply about each athlete's progress.

Hélène "The Grinder" Massicotte

Head Coach, General Manager, and Co-Owner, Hélène will mess you up. When not performing her duties at Chrysalis Physiques, Hélène's extracurricular list of activities and competitive sports includes many sports, including as jumping off tall structures, cycling, running and Oly lifting (competitions in 2014 and 2015). She likes to stay strong a fit and is always looking for a new sport or activity to try. Hélène's favorite motto "Better Than Yesterday" has helped her clients achieve goals they never thought possible, as well as greatly expanded her idea of what it means to be fit.

Hélène has a keen sense of what an individual can lift, push, and pull. This enables her to push just enough, which is sometimes beyond what a client might think they can achieve. Hélène's patience and dedication to coaching keep the progress of clients foremost in her mind, and the results speak for themselves.

Qualifications: BA Kinesiology, CSEP-CPT Certification (up-to-date for 2019/20), CF-L1, CF-L2, Olympic Lifting Trainer, Gymnastics Trainer, Mobility Trainer, Kettlebell Trainer, Powerlifting Trainer, Strongman Trainer, Standard First Aid, Red Cross Level C CPR.

Other: Hélène is an MBA graduate.

Favorite Activity: Training with friends and long walks
Favorite Exercises: The Snatch and Rope Climb
Strengths: Burpees, Turkish Get Ups and anything overhead
Goats: Double Unders

Luc "The French Gorilla" Dornez

Luc Dornez_DL_2014.jpg

Coach, General Maintenance, and Co-Owner, Luc was an amateur Muay Thai fighter and is a well-rounded natural athlete. Aside from being a badass coach on weekends, Luc is also a badass plumber by trade, with experience in construction, carpentry, and electrical work. Luc's "Go hard or go home" approach to training is simple and effective, and he will coach you to a place you've likely never been before, if you'll let him.

Qualifications: CF-L1 & 2, Gymnastics Trainer, Kettlebell Trainer, Powerlifting Trainer, NCCP 1 (Olympic Lifting), Standard First Aid, Red Cross Level C CPR.

Other: Luc has a BA in Business.

Favourite Activity: Barbecueing in the winter
Favourite Exercise: Dead Lift
Strengths: Max height box jump, Lifting heavy
Goats: Handstand Push Ups, Double Unders

Isabelle AKA "Quite a Sight" R.I.P 12/17

Belle the greyhound joined the Chrysalis Team September 2011. 

Originally from Florida, Belle moved to Winnipeg when she retired from her racing career-- 6 races under her belt, including 2 wins. Belle enjoyed sprinting in the backyard, long walks with the other coaches, sleeping 18 hours a day, and making everyone's heart melt with her gentle personality.

Qualifications: Former high-performance athlete. Unfortunately did not qualify for any available certifications (we're sure she would have pass though).

Favorite Activity: Eating, Paleo of course (meat and fat, yum!)
Favorite Exercise: 45 MPH sprints
Strengths: Sleeping, running, being shiny and soft
Goat: Stairs! It's sad by true, she could not tackle most stairs.