Deaths Head Hawk

Our Name

'Chrysalis' is an intermediate stage of development for moths and butterflies in which they are enclosed in a cocoon, and emerge transformed.

There is an Indian addage about a child who thought he was helping a butterfly by prying open its cocoon when he saw it struggling, rather than letting it break through the walls on its own. The butterfly did not survive because it was not ready to come out, the struggle was what it needed to grow into what it was supposed to be. When we deny ourselves struggle, we deny ourselves the opportunity to obtain new wisdom, gain new strength, and learn new things. In the chrysalis, we become the best version of ourselves.

This idea inspires our training and our work, which is why we chose it for our name.

Our Logo

Our logo, the death's-head moth, symbolizes the ultimate pursuit: building a better, stronger version of ourselves. Well, we wanted a member of the lycaenidae family, but it had to be a badass choice, because that's just how we roll. This moth seemed to be a good choice. It fits both our name and our style. And we're proud to display it in a mural in our box, online and on all things Chrysalis.

Danai Gurira (Michonne) - The Walking Dead

About the design: After struggling to find an artist who understood our vision, Mark Grzybowskiowner of US-based Ollin Sword Designagreed to work with us to design our logo. You may already know some of Mark's work. He designed and hand crafted one of the swords used in the filming of The Walking Dead. Danai Gurira (Michonne), pictured right, wields it with authority.

A special thank you goes to James Vargscarr for putting us in touch with Mark.


Our Values

Every training facility has its own culture, and our values represent the culture we foster at ours.

Constantly seek ways to be "Better Than Yesterday". Understand that the little things matter.

Quality of Life
Everything we do is geared toward enhancing one's quality of life.

Walk the talk. Take pride. Do the right thing, even when it's more difficult.

The Self
Consider the whole person. The physical, emotional, intellectual, mental, spiritual, social self – all are important.

Everyone, always.

Acknowledge and celebrate all the daily victories our efforts afford us.